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Singapore & Malaysia

Group Trips for Females
(All Age Groups Welcome)

Wander Womaniya Reviews & Testimonials

Ms. Bidisha Sarkar

Assistant Consultant

Tata Consultancy Services

I went to one trip as of now and the overall experience was excellent and with a lot of fun involved. Wish to travel more with Wander Womaniya in near future!


We organize women-only travel group trips where any female can join solo. We have felt an inherent need to provide this platform to women in the light of providing a safe, secure, and healthy environment for self-expression, freedom, and travel. And we're more than happy to empower Indian Women with endless travel opportunities through our women travel groups. We have carefully churned out and planned the most amazing travel packages for solo travelling in India for women. At Wander Womaniya we aim at helping every woman traveller to explore & experience Incredible India freely, without worrying about safety & security.

Wander Womaniya firmly believes that solo travel is a builder of character and an exploration of our own selves. We are trying to empower Indian women through our ladies-only domestic tours. We curate unique experiences for girls travelling solo in India which are affordable & yet do not compromise on hygiene and comfort. Furthermore, we aim to unchain both women & girls alike from orthodox roles they have long been tied to by assisting them to travel without being dependent on their family. When you are travelling with Wander Womaniya, you are your own self; you are no longer a sister or a mother or a daughter. We might not have noticed, but Indian women are still carrying out the burden of responsibilities even while they are on a holiday.

Travelling alone in India comes with many unwanted advances and situations, we eliminate these and make sure that girls travelling with us can focus on exploring India while we take care of all the hurdles which accompany travelling alone. We ensure your comfort, quality of accommodations & save you the pain of planning & execution and managing expenses while travelling. We believe travel is to rejuvenate & not to add on to your stress levels.

Wander Womaniya is proudly the most affordable women travel agency in India, our trips start from INR 5000 per person which makes us an ideal fit for girls who are looking to travel solo without burning a hole in their pocket. We make budget trips fun & ensure safety for our Womaniyas.

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